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What are the benefits of raised bed gardening?

Raised bed gardening provides a head start on spring planting, speeds up plant growth, reduces the work necessary to harvest, and provides a more abundant yield than an in-ground garden. Few if any weeds tend to grow through the tops of beds that are 11 inches or taller, and the planter provides a natural barrier against pests.

The walkways between raised beds are permanent, so there is less degradation and compaction of the ground from people and animals. Beds and planters allow the gardener complete control of the soil, resulting in a great increase of nutrient content, soil aeration and drainage.

Not all plants grow well in close proximity. For instance, the potato uses less nutrients and grows very quickly, easily overpowering slower plants. Raised beds and planters allow the gardener or farmer to closely manage how and where each plant grows.

Deep raised bed planters permit roots to grow further and seek out more nutrients and moisture, reducing the need for watering. The elevated soil surfaces of raised beds enhance accessibility to plants, and taller beds will better accommodate wheelchairs.