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How often do I need to water raised beds?

The amount of watering a raised bed garden needs varies with the season, climate and weather. During hot summer months you may need to water once or twice daily. Early mornings and evenings are best. During the cooler seasons of fall and early spring, you may only need to water every few days, and go weeks without watering during the rainy season.

Raised beds in particular may need more watering in dry weather. Plants in raised beds tend to grow more quickly and consume water and nutrients faster. This rapid growth, combined with improved soil drainage and increased evaporation from the tops and sides of the bed, means is best to keep an eye on soil moisture levels. If the soil feels dry an inch or so below the surface, it’s time to water your raised beds.

You can reduce water requirements during hot dry weather, by top dressing raised beds with a layer of compost and worm castings covered with light-colored mulch such as yellow straw or rice hulls.