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Setup and Assembly

Do I need to dig or prepare the ground below raised beds?

No digging is required if your raised beds are tall enough to allow plant roots to grow, or if the soil beneath the beds is healthy with adequate drainage. If the ground is compacted, it is recommended to loosen the soil with a turning fork or shovel, and add a drainage layer of loose gravel to the bottom of the planter. For raised Read more…

Are your raised beds really that easy to assemble?

Yes! In fact, it’s hard to imagine an easier design. Just position boards so the notched ends overlap and insert corner pins to lock the boards together. Stack additional board layers to build the height of the planter. No tools are necessary to assembly our basic raised beds. Optional trim packs and garden trellises attach to raised beds with the Read more…

Do I need any tools to set up raised beds?

No tools are required for basic raised bed assembly. It’s important, however, to level the ground before setting up raised beds. This is easiest to do using a hoe or mattock to dig a level trench beneath the planter sides. It’s also a good idea to improve soil drainage and aeration by loosening the ground below the bed using a turning fork Read more…

Can I set up raised beds on lawn?

Raised beds can be set up directly on lawn with little or no preparation. Beds 11 inches and taller are generally deep enough to smother buried grass before it can reach the surface. All that is needed, in this case, is to level the ground before setting up the planter. Some rhizomic weeds and grasses, however, can surface through very Read more…

Can I set up raised beds on hard surfaces such as concrete?

Yes. Raised beds with optional planter bottoms are ideal for gardening on hard, non-absorbent surfaces such as compacted dirt and concrete. This allows full size garden beds to be set up on patios, rooftops, driveways and parking lots, transforming barren urban lanscapes into lush vegetable gardens.

Can raised beds be moved or disassembled?

Yes. Simply remove the top layer of boards and pull out the pins to disassemble the raised beds. The planter can then be moved and reassembled at a new location. For raised beds with optional trim packs, the top rails and corner moldings must be removed before disassembling the basic raised bed.

Can I add height to existing raised beds?

Yes. You can increase the height of your raised beds by building additional board layers on top of the planters. Different shapes can also be created by rearranging and adding to existing parts. Please call 1-800-807-3404 and let us know what changes you want to make and we will be happy to help you with your order.